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Transporting construction materials, heavy machinery and hazardous materials is a burden that deserves concern. Correct creation of the transportation chain, use of the right locations, legal procedures that vary according to countries, and unforeseen problems that may occur...

Transporting heavy-duty machines and large rigs requires knowledge and management of the whole process in the most accurate way and being prepared for the problems that may arise. A planning to be done in accordance with every situation requires experience, and the fulfillment of the plan requires self-sacrifice and sense of responsibility. TOLNAK International Transportation, with its 35 years of experience and devoted work, honesty and loyalty to its responsibilities from all of its employees, from vehicle drivers to managers, facilitates the difficult task and ensures that your investments arrive safely.

One of our trucks while delivering its cargo

The logistics support network we have established with the knowledge and foresight provided by our 35 years of experience ensures that your cargo reaches its destination in the fastest and safest way, no matter how complicated the transport points are.

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Whether you need door-to-door delivery or heavy-duty machinery, TOLNAK International Transport offers the right solution for all your needs. Thanks to the experience we have gained after decades, we provide the solutions that best suit your needs and will satisfy you, just like a doctor prescribes a medicine according to the patient's needs. We owe such a long experience to the trust you have shown so far. We are very happy to serve you.

One of our truck while transporting a tinyhouse.